A lot can happen in a year. 2017 surely proved that and things were super exciting, sometimes hectic but overall just wonderful.
2017 took me to many incredible places like Iceland, Italy, France, USA, Germany and of course all over Switzerland. I was invited to shoot weddings in Ticino, in Geneva, Basel, Graubünden, Zürich, Solothurn and many other great spots. Needless to say that I felt really honored and excited to visit all these amazing places.

Last year also gave me the opportunity to meet many wonderful, kind hearted and lovely people. I have said it before and will say it again: I am incredibly grateful to each and every couple who sets their trust in me and want me to take their memories. And that’s what it’s all about for me, every day as a photographer. That’s why I love my job, that’s what motivates me over and over again: Building relationships, spending time together and creating meaningful memories.

Here are some highlights from my 2017…


_48A5839 _48A4973 _DSF1049 _48A3631 wedding-514 _48A8139 _DSF0886 _DSF8995 wedding-243 _48A5738 _48A5462 _DSF2545 _DSF2491 _DSF1465 wedding-156 _DSF0910 wedding-115 _DSF0685 _48A9869 _DSF0591 wedding-377 _DSF0029 _48A5660 _48A5199 _DSF2280 _48A4544 wedding-284 _48A2725 _48A2119 _DSF2452 _48A2032 _48A1015 _48A0692 _48A0023 wedding-579 wedding-579-2 _DSR1988 _DSF1844 wedding-511 wedding-507 wedding-502 wedding-477 _48A5127 wedding-384 _DSF0271 _DSR3994 wedding-369 _DSR2554 wedding-346 wedding-295 _DSF1004gfx _DSF0709 wedding-228 _DSF1128 wedding-172 _DSF1272 _DSF0603 after_wedding-32 _DSF0476 _48A4406 wedding-168 _DSF2336 wedding-479 _DSR5783 _DSR1770 _48A5632 kate_leslie-118 _DSF2435 wedding-682 wedding-155 wedding-144 wedding-122 wedding-118 wedding-679 _48A5386 wedding-106 wedding-101 wedding-88 wedding-87 wedding-74 _48A2778 wedding-68 _DSF1088 wedding-66 wedding-53 _48A2535 wedding-15 swiss_shoot-133 _DSR4664 _DSR5365 photobooth-32 photobooth-10 loveshoot-11 kate_leslie-192 _48A5134 after_wedding-60 _DSR9750 DSCF0055 _DSR9619 _DSR9421 _DSR9243 _DSR8775 wedding-162 _DSR8623 _DSR8497 _DSR8485 kate_leslie-210 _48A4646 _DSR8417 _DSR8384 _DSR8299 wedding-78 _DSR8098 _DSR7934 loveshoot-109 _DSR7796 _DSR7791 kate_leslie-133 _DSR7481 _DSR7465 _DSR7444 wedding-485 _DSF0178 wedding-521 _DSR6756 kate_leslie-28 _DSR6438 _DSR4787 _DSR6383 _DSR6357 kate_leslie-64 swiss_shoot-53 _DSR5885 _DSR6033 _DSR5843 wedding-85 _DSR5726 _DSR5633 _DSR5542 swiss_shoot-68 kate_leslie-112 _DSR5525 loveshoot-100 _DSR5403 _DSF2468 _DSR5384 _DSF1180 _DSR5262 _DSR5159 _DSR5032 _DSR4811 _DSR4801 _DSR4780 _DSR3749 swiss_shoot-97 _DSR4752 _DSR4743 _DSR6516 _DSR4677 kate_leslie-150 _DSR4639 _DSR4534 _DSR4312 _DSR4289 _DSF7777 _DSR4311 _DSR4298 _DSR4286 _DSR4272 _DSR4892 _DSR4252 _DSF7276 _DSR4251 _DSF8175 _DSR4220 _DSR4151 _DSR4063 _DSR4026 _DSR4015 _DSF1889 _DSR3912 _DSR3896 _DSR3819 _DSF5843 _DSR3672 _DSR4904 _DSR3546 _DSR3445 _DSR3435 _DSR3386 _DSR3352 _DSR1197 _DSF8005 _DSR0920 _DSR0437 _DSR3290 _DSR3281 _DSR4479 _DSR3224 _DSR3084 _DSR5256 _DSR3071 _DSR3040 _DSR3015 _DSF7871 _DSR3003 _DSR2973 _DSR2922 _DSR2861 _DSR2858 _DSR2836 _48A9995 _DSR3617 _DSR2736 _DSR2732 _DSR2714 _DSR2656 _DSR2626 _DSR2615 _DSR2589 _48A9638 _DSF5493 _DSR2577 _DSR2546 _DSR2448 _DSR2444 _DSR2438 _DSR2318 _DSR2315 _DSR2313 _DSR2248 _DSF3788 _DSR2235 _DSR2123 _DSR2088 _DSR3045 _DSR3554 _DSR2016 _48A9923 _DSR1958 _DSR1899 _DSR1843 _DSR1709 _DSR1623 _DSR1570 _DSR1536 _DSR1468 _48A5530 _DSR1395 2 _DSR1371 2 _DSR1290 2 _DSR1269 _DSR3379 _DSR1119 _DSR0973 _DSR3193 _DSR3322 _DSR0864 _DSR0855-Pano _DSR0580 _DSR0489 _DSR3310 _DSR0076 _DSF9888 _DSF8894 _DSF8191 _48A9715 _DSF7319 _DSF7257 _DSF7199 _DSF5745 _DSF5200 _DSR1745 _DSF4649 _DSF4504 _DSF4362 _DSF4317 _DSR1448 _DSF3962 _DSF3842 _DSF3140 _DSF2888 _DSF2764 _DSF2552 _DSF2544 _DSF2529 _DSF2437 _DSF2228 _DSF2185 _DSF2049 _DSF1966 _DSR1947 _DSF1919 _DSF1871 _DSF1847 _DSF1842 _DSF1779 _DSF1610 _DSF1593 _DSF1484 _DSF1434 _DSF1391 _DSF1367 _DSF1251 _DSF3623 _DSF1227 _DSF1188 _DSF1147 _DSF1147-2 _DSF1116 _DSF0957 _DSF0939 _DSF0930 _DSF0846 _DSF0813 _DSF0783 _DSF0621 _DSF0563 _DSF0480 _DSF0357 _DSF0305 _DSF0168 _48A9988 _48A9967 _48A9904 _48A9891 _48A9883 _48A9880 _48A9864 _48A9831 _48A9764 _48A9764-2 _48A9729 _48A9720 _48A9657 _48A9657-2 _48A9624 _48A9544 _48A9523 _48A9478 _48A9465 _48A8176 _48A9431 _48A5196 _48A9406 _48A9186 _48A9130 _48A9123 _48A9114 _48A9095 _48A9089 _48A9074 _48A8394 _48A9062 _48A9026 _48A8914 _48A8899 _48A7451 _48A8329 _48A8325 _48A8320 _48A8297 _48A8275 _48A8155 _48A8153 _DSF0544 _48A6954 _48A8146 _48A8142 _48A8138 _48A8112 _DSF0385 _48A8107 _48A8100 _48A8043 _48A7946 _48A7913 _48A7910 _48A7882 _48A7802 _48A7750 _48A7721 _48A7711 _48A7581 _48A7563 _48A7549 _48A7542 _48A7529 _48A7525 _48A4944 _48A7381 _48A7361 _48A7359 _48A7328 _48A7316 _48A7300 _48A7279 _48A7233 _48A7228 _48A5615 _48A7184 _48A8184 _48A7077 _48A3558 _48A4088 _48A5588 _48A5625 _48A7054 _48A7052 _48A7048 _48A2688-2 _48A6578 _48A6927 _48A6821 _48A6770 _48A6712 _48A6703 _48A6662 _48A6630 _48A6603 _48A5491 _48A6562 _48A6555 _48A6552 _48A2349 _48A6374 _48A6139 _48A6132 _48A6085 _48A4962 _48A3557 _48A6074 _48A5992 _48A5982 _48A5981 _48A5968 _48A2537 _48A5377 _48A5963 _48A5854 _48A5802 _48A5666 _48A3717 _48A5646 _48A5644 _48A5612 _48A5608 _48A4461 _48A5577 _48A5567 _48A5539 _48A5461 _48A5425 _48A5384 _48A5285 _48A5274 _48A5226 _48A5220 _48A5216 _48A5208 _48A7117 _48A5182 _48A5143 _48A6147 _48A5094 _48A5079 _48A5035 _48A4998 _48A4983 _48A4976 _48A7129 _48A4918 _48A4912 _48A4869 _48A4780 _48A4656 _48A4654 _48A4634 _48A4602 _48A4579 _48A4548 _48A4523 _48A4509 _48A4332 _48A4128 _48A4108 _48A4096 _48A5634 _48A4058 _48A4011 _48A3893 _48A3840 _48A3838 _48A3819 _48A3801 _48A3799 _48A3753 _48A3751 _48A3742 _48A3623 _48A3473 _48A3470 _48A3145 _48A3112 _48A3058 _48A2980 _48A2931 _48A2811 _48A2760 _48A2638 _48A2605 _48A2567 _48A2557 _48A2515 _48A2411 _48A2329 _48A5442 _48A2080 _48A1764 _48A1645 _48A1370 _48A1255 _48A5530 _48A1223 _48A0959 _48A0911 _48A0905 _48A0530 _48A0490 _48A0234 _48A0178 _48A0178-2 _48A0069 _48A0040 _48A0038 _48A1710


  • Anja said:

    Du machst keine Bilder, sondern hältst Momente und Gefühle in reinster Form fest - unglaublich berührend... vielen DAnk!

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